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Hazard Perception Test

The purpose of the Hazard Perception Test is to see how safely you respond to different traffic situations. You can download a demonstration of the test on to your PC from the links below. However, please remember that the best way to practise is to get as much on-road driving experience as possible when you are learning.

There are four video items in the demonstration. You do not need to download all the video items to run the demonstration. The test application software must be installed.

Please note that the files will be downloaded to the hard disk of your computer.

You will need to download the files into a folder on your PC. When you start the download you will be asked to save the files in a folder. Select a folder where you would like the files saved and don’t forget to remember the name of this folder so you can locate the files to install them.

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Once you have downloaded the files:

  • open the folder you downloaded the files to;
  • double click on all of the files, including the video items; and
  • follow the installation instructions.

Note: If a video item does not appear when you run the Hazard Perception Test you may not have downloaded or installed that video item. To download the video, click the link above on this page. To install the video, locate the video file, double click on it and follow the instructions.

To run the Hazard Perception Test demonstration once you have downloaded it, please go to the Programs menu on your computer and select the “Hazard Perception Test” from the list.